casssandra press

Let’s change how we design a fashion business.

Imagine a design company where you could select a la carte the services you need, as you need them.

I offer a flexible and affordable approach to working with a designer. Either hand over the entire project to me, or break it down into bite size pieces. This allows for a more affordable and flexible design process.

Maybe you need lots of soft separates shapes on a regular basis for ongoing collections…

Or maybe you found a producer group who makes great products and you know you could sell these like hotcakes, all you need is a professional looking logo….

Or maybe you just need one print to kick off your spring collection…

I offer a free initial half hour consultation where I can help you define your needs. Once you are happy to start a project with me, you can either choose from my a la carte list of design or consulting services, or I propose a package. Together we find solutions and ideas that work for you.

My hourly consulting rate is US$120. Please contact me for a full list of services and prices.

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